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New Innovation in Knife Sharpening Technology

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Steel Guides - A New Concept in Steeling a Knife

User friendly knife sharpening system.

"The honing steel manufactured with an angle guide and etched rod shaft"

Let us introduce you to a new concept in steeling a knife and a simple user friendly knife sharpening system.

Our steel handles are hand made and feature unique colours where no two handles are ever exactly the same colour.

The light weight Steel Guide promotes an efficient, safe and user friendly application.

Training Services

Dreamweaver Studios provides onsite delivery of knife sharpening training sessions incorporating the correct use of Steelguide Steels.

To make an enquiry about our knife sharpening sessions please click here

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What the Experts Say...

I believe the Steel Guide supported by a structured knife sharpening training and supervision program will reduce the risk of injury for those workers completing knife based work tasks" more

Michelle Chatfield
Bachelor Science Occupational Therapy, Grad Dip OHS, Grad Cert Risk Management
Risk , Safety, Ergonomics and Injury Management Consultant

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